Technical Reports

Users' Manual for Kalker's "Exact" Nonlinear Creep Theory

  • 15
  • Aug
  • 1978
AUTHOR: James G. Goree
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Creepage, Creep Forces, Spin Moment, Steady-State Rolling, Hertz Contact, Computer Program
ABSTRACT: The conversion of the computer program, "A Programme for Three-Dimensional Steady State Rolling" developed by Professor J. J. Kalker, from the original Algol language to FORTRAN is considered. This program determines the resultant creep forces and moment for steady state rolling of two bodies of equal or unequal linearly elastic material properties. A related manual for Kalker's "Simplified Theory of Rolling Contact" is considered in the report "User's Manual for Kalker's Simplified Nonlinear Creep Theory," by James G. Goree and E. Harry Law, FRA/0RD-78/06 Contract D0T-0S-40018, December, 1977. The program considered in the present report concerns the same problem except for the extension to unequal materials. It is found that, for equal materials, the "Simplified Theory" gives approximately the same results as the exact solution in most cases and in those instances where some difference was noted, the simplified theory appears to be in better agreement with experimental results. In addition, the simplified theory reduces the computation time by a factor of approximately 50 to 100.
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