Technical Reports

Urban Rapid Rail Vehicle and Systems Program Engineering Test of ACT-1 Vehicle at Transportation Test Center

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1979
AUTHOR: Boeing Vertol Company
SUBJECT: Passenger Rail, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Advanced Train Concept, TTC, Test Track, Instrumentation System
ABSTRACT: This document contains a description of the ACT vehicles as delivered to UMTA, including major changes incorporated during testing at the Transit Test Center (TTC), Pueblo, Colorado, and the rationale for these changes. The test program is described in detail and results are presented for checkout, adjustment, engineering, and acceptance testing of the ACT vehicles. These vehicle tests include: 1) crash attenuation; 2) performance tests, i.e., acceleration, speed regulation, deceleration, power consumption, thermal duty cycle, slip/spin efficiency, ride quality data, and acoustics data. The instrumentation system description is included in an appendix. The test program resulted in confirmation of significant achievements in vehicle operating efficiency; technology advances in component design and integration; and of considerations for passenger safety, security, and comfort. This document, plus Report No. UMTA-IT-06-0026-79-2, ACT-1 Advanced Concept Train Development Program, Phase II: Design, Fabrication, and Functional Test; and Report No. UMTA-IT-06-0026-79-4, Advanced Concept Train (ACT-1) Simulated Demonstration Test Report, together comprise the ACT-1 final report.
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