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Evaluation of Signal/Control System Equipment and Technology: Task 2 - Status of Present Signal/Control Equipment

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1979
SUBJECT: Signal and Train Control
KEYWORDS: Intercity Rail, Amtrak, System Comparisons
ABSTRACT: [From the Preface] This report results from research supported by the Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Research and Development, for the following seven separate but interrelated tasks under Contract DOT-FR-773- 4236: "Evaluation and Assessment of Signal/Train Control System Equipment and Technology." That contract covers the first phase of a multiphased program directed at the upgrading of signal and control systems on Amtrak intercity rail routes for high speed 255 kmph (160 mph) passenger train travel.This particular document reports the findings of Task 2 - Status of Present Signal/Control Equipment. This task was accomplished through interviews with technical and managerial personnel of railroads, a review of technical reports and papers and on-site visits to domestic and foreign railroads.
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