Technical Reports

Mechanical Impedance Evaluations of the Kansas Test Track: Pretraffic and Posttraffic Tests

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1979
AUTHOR: Stafford S. Cooper
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Velocity Transfer Ratio, Linear Idealization, Performance Comparisons, Track Structure Response
ABSTRACT: The Kansas Test Track (KTT) was comprised of nine different track systems whose dynamic response was measured in two series of impedance tests. Pretraffic impedance testing was done in 1973, before the KTT was opened to traffic, and a second (posttraffic) test series was carried out in 1975 after the KTT had experienced premature failure in service. Results of these tests, presented in the form of impedance and velocity transfer ratio plots, have been used to characterize the various KTT track systems according to their initial dynamic stiffness and component behavior. Known limitations of the test apparatus precluded a detailed analysis; however, a linear idealization was developed to grossly model track system response. These results illustrate the feasibility of an impedance approach to the structure-ballast-interaction processes which govern track system performance.
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