Technical Reports

Tests of the Amtrak SDP-40F Train Consist Conducted on Chessie System Track

  • 01
  • May
  • 1979
AUTHOR: P. Tong, R. Brantman, R. Greif, J. Mirabella
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: Locomotive Tests, Vehicle/Track Dynamics, Wheel/Rail Loads
ABSTRACT: This report describes tests of an SDP-40F train consist conducted on Chessie System track during June, 1977. The tests consisted of the operation of two typical AMTRAK passenger consists, one powered by two SDP-40F's and the other by two E-8's, over a variety of track conditions. The objectives of the tests were to compare dynamic performance of the SDP-40F locomotive with the E-8, and to determine the sensitivity of the SDP-40F response to track geometry variations, operational parameters and truck configuration changes. Data was obtained on the lateral and vertical wheel/rail loads and carbody accelerations under a variety of speeds, track geometry and track surface conditions. Modifications of the SDP-40F trucks were also made and tested. Each locomotive was tested in a consist representative of passenger service over a variety of operational track conditions. In general, the SDP-40F lateral wheel/rail loads in selected curves showed a tendency to increase above curve balance speed at a faster rate than that of the E-8. A means was developed for accurately predicting lead axle lateral force levels in 2 curves as a function of speed and track geometry variations, A new strain gage configuration was developed which will greatly improve the accuracy of lateral rail loads measurements.
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