Technical Reports

Tests of the Amtrak SDP-40F Train Consist Conducted on Chessie System Track: Executive Brief

  • 01
  • May
  • 1979
AUTHOR: Office of Rail Safety Research, Research and Special Programs Administration
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: Locomotive Tests, Vehicle/Track Dynamics, Truck/Suspension System
ABSTRACT: This report describes results of tests of an SDP-40F train consist conducted on Chessie System track during June, 1977. The test consisted of the operation of two test trains intended to be typical of AMTRAK passenger consists, one powered by two SDP-40F's and the other by two E-8's, over a variety of track conditions. The objectives of the tests were to compare dynamic performance of the SDP-40F locomotive with a baseline case, the E-8, and to determine the sensitivity of the SDP-40F response to track geometry variations, operational parameters and several maintenance and configuration states of the truck/suspension system.
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