Technical Reports

Track Geometry Measurement by High-Rail Vehicles

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1979
AUTHOR: M. A. Sherfy
SUBJECT: Safety Performance Measures, Track
KEYWORDS: High-Rail Inspection, Track Inspection, Survey Vehicle
ABSTRACT: This report examines the capabilities of a high-rail track survey vehicle to: 1) Assist in improvement of the track safety inspection program; and 2) Assist in data collection for transportation planning. The project examines both technical and operational aspects of high-rail vehicle usage as an inspection service and as a data collection tool. This research project found that measurements of track geometry collected by a high-rail vehicle could be modeled to match measurements collected by a train type vehicle. This finding opens the door to wider utilization of the less costly, highly mobile, easily scheduled, high-rail survey vehicle. This report is a document which outlines the crew requirements, costs, scheduling procedures, reliability and accuracy levels that are associated with the operation of a high-rail track survey vehicle. This report is intended for use by railroad management, state railroad planners and federal railroad planners who. may be interested in the operation of a high-rail track survey program.
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