Technical Reports

Track Structures Volume III: Study of Effects of Spiral Length on Simple Curve Negotiation

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1979
AUTHOR: K. L. Shum, S. P. Singh, E. H. Chang
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Coupler Lateral Angle, L/V Ratio, Spiral Length, Superelevation, Buff Force, Mathematical Model
ABSTRACT: Simple curve entries with/or without spiral for different curves are analyzed using the Quasi-Static Lateral Train Stability Model. The effect of spirals on maximum L/V ratios and coupler lateral angles in simple curve entries is investigated. The effect of buff force on lateral train stability in curve entries with spirals is studied for 2 to 16 degree simple curves. The United States Government assumes no liability for the contents of this report or the use thereof.
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