Technical Reports

Users' Manual for Program for Calculation of Kalker's Linear Creep Coeffecients

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1979
AUTHOR: I. Haque, E. H. Law, N. K. Cooperrider
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Hertz Contact, Contact Patch, Contact Stress, Computer Program
ABSTRACT: A program written in FORTRAN IV is described that uses the Hertz theory of rolling contact between two bodies and Kalker's linearized theory of creep to determine the geometry of the contact patch between railway vehicle wheel and rail and the creep coefficients that characterize the linearized creep forces between wheel and rail. The program input, output and the subroutines used are described herein and the results are in the form of printout. The manual includes program listings, sample deck set ups and sample run outputs. Two other user's manuals for determination of creep forces and moments have been issued under this contract. These are "Users' Manual for Kalker's Simplified Nonlinear Creep Theory" by J.G. Goree and E.H. Law and "Users' Manual for Kalker's Exact Nonlinear Creep Theory" by J.G. Goree.