Technical Reports

Draft Gear/Cushioning Unit Optimization for Train Action - Volume II: Final Report

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1980
AUTHOR: S. K. Punwani
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Coupler Forces, Cushioning Units, Draft Gear/Cushioning Unit Simulation, Draft Gears, Train Action
ABSTRACT: This report describes a series of impact tests that were conducted by W. H. Miner, Inc., Research and Development Division, for the Draft Gear/Cushioning Unit Optimization Task of Track-Train Dynamics - Phase II. Using a special test fixture car, modified for these tests, buff and draft impact tests were conducted on two end-of-car cushioning units and two draft gears. Forces and displacements of the draft gears and cushioning units, over their active strokes, were recorded on magnetic tape for all of the impacts in the test series, at speeds of 1 to 6 mph. Force vs. displacement curves for each impact are presented. The test data was developed for future use in improving subroutines in the Detailed Train Action Simulation Program. Within the scope of this task, it has also been used to develop guidelines for improving the in-train performance of draft gears and end-of-car cushioning units. The United States Government assumes no liability for the contents of this report or the use thereof. Volume I contains the main body of the report. This Volume II consists of the Appendices, containing all of the force vs. displacement curves.
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