Technical Reports

Evaluation of Signal/Control System Equipment and Technology: Task 5 - Economic Studies

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1980
AUTHOR: S. F. Taylor, J. F. Marshall, C. M. Schultz, R. B. Whalen
SUBJECT: Signal and Train Control, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Cost/Benefit Analysis, Life Cycle Evaluation, Reliability/Maintainability, Vandalism
ABSTRACT: Economics form an important aspect in the comparison of new technologies with those which are subject to possible replacement. This report presents an economic analysis of candidate state-of-the-art signal/control systems which were selected in preceding tasks of the project. The report focuses on passenger service improvements, capital, and operating costs, reliability and maintainability, vandalism and the impact of'standards. Consideration of these aspects leads to a cost/benefit analysis in which the technologies are configured in systems ranging in complexity from cab signaling with overspeed control to total monitoring and control from a remote point.