Technical Reports

Evaluation of the Costs and Benefits of Advanced Braking and Coupling Systems

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1980
AUTHOR: E. K. Bender, L. E. Wittig, H. A. Wright
SUBJECT: Braking Systems, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Freight Car, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Maintenance
ABSTRACT: This report presents an evaluation of the costs and benefits of sixteen advanced railroad braking and coupling systems. Most of the benefits result from improved classification yard efficiencies, with secondary benefits accruing through reduced accident rates, road delays, and maintenance related to component wear and failure. The most promising systems are couplers with wide gathering ranges, a brake condition monitoring system, and a remote controlled brake locking system. In addition, ultrasonic brake control on cars presently requiring special handling and direct electronic brake control all show premise of improving railroad productivity.