Technical Reports

Laboratory Investigation of Lateral Track Shift

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1980
AUTHOR: J. Choros, A. M. Zarembski, I. Gitlin
KEYWORDS: Track Stiffness, Panel Stiffness, Tie Stiffness, Track Resistance
ABSTRACT: This report describes test procedures and results of the AAR lateral track shift tests. The tests included static and dynamic lateral track loadings under various vertical loads, relative effects of single and double axle loading, panel shift tests and single tie tests. These tests, which were conducted at the AAR's Track Laboratory, were designed to quantify and determine the lateral strength of the track using various methods. The test results are limited to an unconsolidated track condition. The results indicate that a lateral stiffness of the track can be determined from each of the three methods used. These results, obtained from each of the methods tested, are compared in this report.
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