Technical Reports

Laboratory Investigation of Track Gauge Widening Characteristics

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1980
AUTHOR: J. Choros, A. M. Zarembski, I. Gitlin
KEYWORDS: Rail Deflection, Track Gauge Restraint, Rail Loads
ABSTRACT: This report describes test procedures and results of the AAR track gauge widening tests. The tests included static and dynamic lateral rail loadings under various vertical and longitudinal loads, relative effects of single and double axle gauge widening and single axle dynamic gauge widening under a range of applied vertical loads. These tests were conducted to study the effects of progressive track damage, due to gauge widening, to determine if non-destructive gauge widening field tests are feasible and if so, the best vertical and lateral loads to be used for testing purposes. The results of these tests indicate that nondestructive gauge widening testing is possible, and that the predamaged condition of the track can be measured and evaluated.