Technical Reports

Performance of a Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor with Solid Back Iron and with Various Misalignments - Volume I

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1980
AUTHOR: Gerald B. Kliman, William R. Mischler, W. Russel Oney
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Linear Electric Motors, High Speed Ground Transportation, Train Performance
ABSTRACT: A test facility was designed and built to measure all aspects of the performance of a single-sided high-speed linear induction motor with solid back iron over a wide range of frequency, speed, and excitation. The facility was equipped and instrumented to measure all the usual performance parameters plus all of the six-axis forces in normal operation and, when displaced, in the remaining five degrees of freedom (air gap, lateral, pitch, roll, and yaw). Performance in the normal position was compared to the mesh/matrix prediction. Generally good agreement was obtained between measured and predicted values of thrust and efficiency. Differences between predicted and measured thrust (especially at high slips) were related to the solid back iron and skin saturation. Agreement between predicted and measured normal forces was not satisfactory. The six-axis force measuring system was thoroughly analyzed to determine the range of validity of the measurements and the errors inherent in using a sector motor to simulate a flat linear motor.
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