Technical Reports

Plate Instrumented Wheelsets for Measurement of Wheel/Rail Forces

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1980
AUTHOR: W. I. Thompson III
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: Rail/Vehicle Dynamics, Locomotive Strain Gauges, Wheel/Rail Forces
ABSTRACT: Strain gauge instrumented wheelsets are an important research tool in experimental rail vehicle testing. This report expounds the principle of operation of the instrumented plate type of wheelset which is constructed by the scientifically exact application of strain gauges on the plate region of railroad wheels so that the wheelset is transformed into a sophisticated force transducer. An example of the application of the principles expounded is presented for a locomotive wheelset having wheels with S-shaped plate regions and 40-in. (1016-mm) diameters. The corresponding measurement system that utilizes such instrumented wheelsets is synopsized. This information is useful to railroads and other research groups interested in measuring wheel/rail forces.