Technical Reports

Proceedings of the October 1979 Workshop for Classification Yard Technology: "A Status Report on Yard Research"

  • 01
  • May
  • 1980
AUTHOR: Ellen S. Witt (Editor), Norka Shedlock (Editor)
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Case Study, Speed Control System, Retarder, Presence Detectors, Rollability, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Process Control
ABSTRACT: The Classification Yard Technology Workshop was sponsored by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to present the results of current yard research under the Railroad Operational Improvements Program. The major program objectives are the development of technologies, quantification of areas for improvement, evaluation of components and systems, and improvement of effectiveness of railroad communication and control systems. These proceedings include the technical papers, responses to the workshop questionnaire, and comments of conference participants and panel members of the following areas of research: Yard Design Methods, New Concepts in Car Speed Control, Improvements for Car Presence Detection, Measurements of Rolling Resistance, Electromagnetic Compatibility, and Yard Computer Systems.
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