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Railroad Electrification Activity in North America - A Status Report: 1976-1978

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1980
AUTHOR: J. M. Clarke
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Electrified Railroads, Environmental Impact, Cost Analysis
ABSTRACT: In view of the increased activity and interest in railroad electrification in North America, it is appropriate to provide a continuing overview of activities of interest to the railroad industry and the U.S Government. Major activities completed or underway are reported herein and include: Conrail feasibility electrification study; Tennessee Valley Authority electrification demonstration project; design of the New Haven CT to Boston MA sector of the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project; construction of the 25 kV and 50 kV catenary for the test track at the Transportation Test Center, Pueblo CO; Canadian Institute of Guided Ground Transport electrification study; Department of Energy assessment of prospects and impacts of railroad electrification. Initially, the status of existing electrified railroads is summarized followed by a description of current planning activities. This is followed by a description of current research and development activities; Other topics covered include the activities of financial institutions and standards. The domestic supply industry equipment interests are discussed and architectural/engineering experience in the U.S. is reviewed. It is not the intent of this report to draw technical conclusions regarding the material presented.
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