Technical Reports

Track and Bridge Maintenance Research Requirements

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1980
AUTHOR: Reece H. Wengenroth, Harry P. Clapp
SUBJECT: Bridge and Structures Safety, Tracks & Structures, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Ballast, Subgrade, Cross Ties, Special Track-work, Bolted Joints, Maintenance and Rail
ABSTRACT: This report includes the design of seven research plans in the area of track and bridge maintenance. The railroad industry was surveyed to ascertain the maintenance problems of their greatest concern which lend themselves to resolution by research. The problems uncovered in the survey were ranked based upon the opinion of the industry and the following seven of the top ranked problem categories were selected for the development of research plans: I. Bridge Inspection, Rating and Evaluation of Remaining Life; II. Subgrade Stabilization and Improvement; III. Timber Cross Tie Rehabilitation and Disposal; IV. Special Trackwork Maintenance; V. Bolted Joints; VI. Ballast Fouling From External Sources VII Switch Point Wear Limits.