Technical Reports

Track Rehabilitation and Maintenance Research Requests

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1980
AUTHOR: Marcel J. Zobrak
SUBJECT: Track, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Research Requirements, Ties, Fasteners, Rail, Track, Ballast, Track Program
ABSTRACT: The Federal Railroad Administration has established a research and development program aimed at improving railroad track safety and performance. As part of the support of that earlier effort, two planning studies were performed which identified track system rehabilitation and maintenance problems, suggested candidate subprograms for solving the problems, and evaluated the subprograms. Subsequently, the two sets of evaluation results were combined to yield a single list of subprograms rank-ordered according to a multi-criterion measure of desirability. This report summarizes the two studies, it describes in summary fashion how two sets of evaluation results were combined, and it presents the combined rank-ordered list of recommended candidate subprograms. These recommended candidate subprograms will be considered by the Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Research and Development as part of the process of establishing track research projects. The selected projects may support a variety of research requirements, in addition to those detailed herein, and therefore may not be implemented precisely as described. Also, the sequence of progression of the projects may not exactly match the recommended rankings due to other considerations which could not be reflected in this report.