Technical Reports

An Experimental Evaluation of a Full-Scale Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor with Different Reaction Rails: Volume I - Test Results

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1981
AUTHOR: R. J. A. Bevan
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: High Speed Ground Transportation, Rail Car Propulsion Systems, LIMRV
ABSTRACT: This document is the final volume in a series of reports presenting the results of an extensive test program involving the linear induction motor research vehicle (LIMRV). Specifically, this report describes the final LIMRV test activity with a single-sided linear induction motor (SLIM). The principal objective was to evaluate motor performance with two types of reaction rails: aluminum plus solid iron (baseline configuration) and solid iron only. The test program encompassed measurement of SLIM propulsion characteristics, distributed parameters, track fluxes and associated parameters, and vertical force distribution. The test results showed that: (l) extending the primary iron structure beyond the ends of the stator winding has little effect on motor performance; (2) more saturation occurs over the solid iron reaction rail than over the baseline rail; (3) measuring track flux penetration in solid iron by coarsely laminating the backiron is valid only for the baseline reaction rail; (4) SLIM output characteristics with constant voltage excitation differ considerably from those at the rated constant current excitation, though less with the solid reaction rail; (5) peak efficiency is not severely compromised with the removal of the aluminum, but the power factor is significantly lower for the solid iron reaction rail; and (6) SLIM baseline tests indicate lower peak efficiency.and power factor than that of earlier double-sided LIM's, though comparison is difficult because of the different nature of the reaction rails. Supplementary data is presented in Volume II.
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