Technical Reports

Angle of Attack and Wheel-Rail Wear

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1981
AUTHOR: S. Kumar, D. L. Prasanna Rao, B. R. Rajkumar
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: Wear Index, Wear Rate, Adhesion, Creepage, Flange Force, Flange Wear
ABSTRACT: Angle of attack is one of the most important parameters influencing wheel and rail wear. Some experiments conducted on the IIT-GMEMD 1/4.5 test facility to study wear of wheels and rails are reported. The angle of attack range covered is from 6=0.25° to 6=1.00°. The drastic reduction in wheel and rail life at high angles of attack is highlighted by comparison of the test results at 0.25° and 0.76° angle of attack. The adhesion-creepage behavior of wheel-rail contact in the longitudinal and lateral directions is examined and shown to be qualitatively similar for the two directions. Validity of the flange wear indices, obtained by the friction center method and those proposed by CN and Ghonem and Kalousek, are checked against the wear rates obtained in laboratory experiments. It is concluded that none of the indices allows for the effect of all the parameters. The index proposed by Marcotte, Caldwell and List appears to have reasonably good agreement with the limited experimental data generated here. Further experimental investigation is needed to establish the relevance and validity of wear indices as applicable to wheel/rail wear.
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