Technical Reports

Dual-Mode Locomotive Systems Engineering Volume II: Detailed Descriptions and Analysis

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1981
AUTHOR: L. M. Cook, L. J. Lawson
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Electrification, Regenerative Braking, Electric Locomotives, Energy Conservation
ABSTRACT: This report, Volume II, provides a detailed description of the analysis of the dual mode locomotive (DML) systems undertaken as Phase I of a proposed five-phase program. The intent of the overall DML program is the development, in-service demonstration, and ultimate deployment of dual-mode locomotives. This study has confirmed the technical viability of the DML based on a modified diesel-electronic locomotive model SD40-2, which can operate from either a high voltage catenary electrified at 60 Hz or from an onboard diesel engine. The DML can be made available in either 50- or 25-kv versions and could have a regenerative electric brake capability if required. The weight of a 50-kv, regenerative DML (the heaviest option) is under 398,000 lb, with normal options included. The space requirements for the electric components are compatible with installation on existing locomotive platforms without interfering with the diesel power equipment. The cost of the conversion of an SD40-2 to the DML configuration at locomotive rebuild ranges from $367,014 to $414,097. This conversion will make possible an initial electrification project that will result in a return on investment that is superior to conventional electrification for a fraction of the initial cost. The DML permits incremental electrification, which allows the reduced dependence on imported petroleum products associated with electrification to be achieved at a rate compatible with the available capital funds. This report comprises two volumes as follows: Volume I - Summary and Volume II - Detailed Description and Analysis.
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