Technical Reports

Dynamic Analysis of a Vehicle/Bridge System for Calculation of Impact Loads

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1981
AUTHOR: Satya P. Singh, Sam P. Singh, V. K. Garg
SUBJECT: Bridge and Structures Safety
KEYWORDS: Bridge Design, Bridge Impact, Bridge Stresses, Mathematical Model
ABSTRACT: A mathematical model to obtain various generalized physical properties, such as mass, stiffness, damping and loads, has been derived to evaluate the dynamic response of a coupled vehicle(s)/bridge system. The analytical results, in terms of inertial-load and deflection increments, were interpreted as impact factors for member stresses and node deflections, respectively. AREA Specifications for impact loads and actual field test results on two truss bridges were used to compare the model results. This study was undertaken to demonstrate only the applicability of such an analysis in impact evaluation. The basic objective was, within practical limitations, to develop a simple mathematical model for impact analyses, in order to better understand the mechanism involved. This study is only preliminary, and is not intended to replace existing AREA Specifications for impact loads.