Technical Reports

Locomotive Track Hazard Detector Program (LTHD) Interim Report

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1981
AUTHOR: J. Corbin, J. Lazzaro, C. Peterson
KEYWORDS: Track Geometry Measurement, Data Collection, Safety Inspection
ABSTRACT: This interim report summarizes work performed by The MITRE Corporation for the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Rail Safety Research to develop a Locomotive Track Hazard Detector (LTHD). The objective of the LTHD program is to develop a simple and inexpensive unmanned track geometry measurement capability that can be used by the railroads to detect unsafe track conditions during routine revenue operations. The results of LTHD computer analysis and field testing phases as well as the goals of the remaining LTHD systems engineering and pilot test program phases are described. The results show that the simple LTHD concept can measure profile, variational cross-level and long wavelength alignment as well as the considerable more complex track geometry measurement systems mounted on full-size rail vehicles. It is concluded that LTHD is capable of providing a simple and effective method of acquiring data for track hazard detection and track geometry measurement purposes. Further development is recommended.