Technical Reports

Management of Urban Construction Programs Volume I: Guidelines for Developing a Project Management Plan

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1981
AUTHOR: Building Research Advisory Board (BRAB) of the National Research Council
SUBJECT: Program Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Urban Construction Projects, Project Management, Standards
ABSTRACT: This report of the BRAB Committee on Management of Urban Construction Programs is intended to guide local authorities (such as transportation, water, and sanitary agencies) in developing management plans for executing urban construction projects. BRAB developed the report setting forth the committee’s guidance concerning: a. Developing project management for planning and executing urban construction projects; b. Assigning responsibility, authority and control in the decision-making process; c. Developing the communication mechanisms and documentation required for implementation of management and construction; and d. Identifying procedures for initiating and developing management plans for urban construction projects. Using information gathered and the knowledge and expertise of its members, the committee prepared a two volume report. In Volume I, the committee sets forth its conclusions and recommendations regarding the purpose of a management plan, the major elements of a management plan, possible alternatives for essential elements, and guidelines for selecting among the alternatives for each element. The Committee made a particular effort to present the guidance in Volume I as concisely as possible without giving detailed procedures of standards for executing a plan.