Technical Reports

Rail Personal Injury Study

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1981
AUTHOR: Dynamic Science, Inc.
SUBJECT: Human Factors, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Human Factors Engineering, Anthropometric Principles, Injury Profiling, Rail Car Component Parts
ABSTRACT: This report presents: 1. A Human Factors Engineering Systems Analysis of the design of such parts as ladders, handholds, grabirons, brakewheels, brake platforms, etc., found on typical U.S. rail rolling stock and suspected of contribution to incidents resulting in personal injuries; 2. Identifications of the degree of Personal Injury Hazard associated with certain rail operations and railroad Job Classification; 3. Recommended Design Modifications intended to enhance the use of component parts associated with certain task areas. This report contains: Raw data and analyses involving: a. Rail accident/incident events and casualties; b. Injury Profiles by Nature and Location of Injury, by selected Occurrence Area, by Severity Rating, by Job Classification; c. Human Factors Engineering Design Criteria.
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