Technical Reports

Testing a New Method of Railroad Data Transmission

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1981
AUTHOR: J. R. Meyer, J. R. Vadeboncoeur
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Railcar Fault Conditions, Hazard Detection, Waveguide
ABSTRACT: Commonwealth Research Corporation developed the concept of an onboard diagnostic system for monitoring railroad-car fault conditions. It consists of onboard sensors and onboard radiofrequency transmitters to telemeter data to receivers monitored by train-operating personnel. This report describes a series of tests to determine the utility of the new method of railroad data transmission in simulated operational railroad environments. These tests were conducted at the Transportation Test Center (TTC), Pueblo, Colorado. These tests involved installing different configurations of electronic equipment and instruments on freight cars, passenger cars, and locomotives on-site at the TTC. Telemetry data were then gathered during regularly scheduled test operations of freight and passenger consists. The tests show that the new method of railroad data telemetry provides practical means of telemetry of data associated with railcar component testing and indications of railcar fault conditions in railroad-operating environments. It was found that certain railroad track features and conditions, such as rail flaws may be detected and measured using this method.