Technical Reports

Truck Design Optimization Project (TDOP) Phase II: Wear Data Collection Program Report

  • 01
  • May
  • 1981
AUTHOR: G. B. Bakken, C. W. Jones, W. R. Schmidt
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Railcar Truck Wear, Railcar Truck Measurements, Railcar Truck Maintenance and Repair
ABSTRACT: This program is part of the field studies conducted during the TDOP Phase II Project. TDOP is designed to examine the performance of various freight car truck designs with the objective of improving the efficiency and productivity of rail freight transportation. Maintenance and repair costs of truck components constitute an important factor in the cost-effectiveness of a particular truck design. In the program, Type I trucks (standard, three-piece trucks) and Type II trucks (trucks with design features which functionally change truck/carbody behavior) were placed in revenue service in unit coal trains. The objectives were to collect wear data, establish wear trends, evaluate various measurement techniques, develop a measurement schedule, and provide input to economic models. The plan, procedures, and data base description of the program are contained in Appendices A, B, and C, of Volume I. The trucks were periodically removed from service, disassembled, and measured for wear. Approximately 1,000 wear measurements were taken on each truck at each measurement interval. These measurements are contained in Volume II.
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