Technical Reports

U. S. Transit Track Restraining Rail Volume I, Study of Requirements and Practices

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1981
AUTHOR: Edward G. Cunney, Ta-Lun Yang
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: Check Rail, Guard Rail, Track Design, Construction, Maintenance, Rail Lubrication, Track Research
ABSTRACT: This report covers a study of restraining rails in transit track made as part of the current research program of the Urban Mass Transportation Administration of the U.S. Department of transportation. The study was initiated to develop information to assist in the analysis, design, maintenance and operation of transit track; compile guidelines for the use of restraining rails; and devise concepts for possible improvements. This report describes current practices in the design, installation and maintenance of restraining rails; rail and flange lubrication practices; and tests of the effects of lubrication. It provides information on the simplified analysis of the costs and benefits of restraining rail installations and alternatives, forces, stresses, deterioration of restraining rail components, benefits of lubrication and concepts for improved designs; and recommendations for the design and fabrication of modifications and new concepts, and for tests to obtain additional information for improvements in practices to reduce rail wear. Volume II, Guidelines (Report No. UMTA-MA-06-0100-81-7) contains recommended criteria and practices for the use of restraining rails in transit track and suggestions for the evaluation of requirements. It includes descriptions and limits for measurable conditions, such as guard distance and flangeway width, and descriptions of conditions that are not normally measurable. As a research product, it does not repeat the description of the investigation and other details in this report.