Technical Reports

User's Guide: SPAR 11 Structural Analysis Finite Element Program (Including Graphics), For Use on a DEC-2050 Computer System

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1981
AUTHOR: R. T. Haftka, R. C. Dix, N. Shah
SUBJECT: Program Evaluation
KEYWORDS: AUS Processor, ELD Processor, Interactive Graphics, PLOT 12 Program, TAB Processor
ABSTRACT: SPAR 11 is a version of Level 11 of the SPAR program, as modified and enhanced for the Association of American Railroads. The enhancements are in the area of interactive use and graphics on the DEC-2050 computer. This user's guide does not replace the SPAR Program Manual, but has instead the following two functions: first, to help the beginner to get acquainted with the SPAR system, and second, to document the use of the enhanced graphics and interactive capabilities.