Technical Reports

User's Manual for FRATX1 and FRATF1 Freight Car Dynamic Analysis Computer Programs

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1981
AUTHOR: George Kachadourian
SUBJECT: Program Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Freight Car Model, Hunting Simulation, Dynamic Loads, TOFC
ABSTRACT: This is a user’s manual for two versions of a computer program to calculate the dynamic response of freight cars to track inputs. The basic program is nonlinear, written in FORTRAN for Control Data Corporation (CDC) computers with solution in the time domain by numerical integration methods. The two versions are FRATX1, which is set up specifically for the analysis of boxcars, and FRATF1 which is for trailer on flatcar (TOFC) analysis. The program permits the user to perform time history analyses where various track profile variations can be simulated and the resulting freight car responses are calculated. The user can select from a large set of input and response functions for time history plotting by high speed printer.
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