Technical Reports

Analysis of Locomotive Cabs

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1982
AUTHOR: National Space Technology Laboratories
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Accident Statistics, Crashworthy, Trade-Off Study, Performance Guidelines, Structures Evaluations
ABSTRACT: This report covers research that was performed to investigate the present crashworthiness state of in-service locomotives and design applications for new locomotives to protect occupants from serious or fatal injury during collision conditions. The tasks that were performed are: (1) identify past and present accident histories of railroads covering all types of accidents, especially rear-end and head-on collisions resulting in car override; (2) analyze concepts that are currently available for mitigating the car override problem and identify improved concepts; (3) analyze the impact of these concepts on railroad operations considering both implementation and cost; (4) develop performance guidelines for the most beneficial concepts to be implemented on existing and new locomotives; and (5) evaluate the abilities of representative locomotive cabs to support a static load. Five EMD locomotive cabs in general use were analyzed to determine the uniform roof loads at first yield and the allowable roof loads with reasonable safety factors. Three of the cabs were also analyzed for their post-yield behavior up to the point of collapse. Specific, advisable, general design recommendations are included and areas for further research are also identified.
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