Technical Reports

Analysis of Railroad Track Maintenance Expenditures for Class I Railroads 1962-1977

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1982
AUTHOR: J. E. Tyworth, A. J. Reinschmidt, R. S. Koot, J. C. Spychalski
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Track Safety Standards, Track-Related Accidents, Train Speeds, Cost/Benefit Analysis
ABSTRACT: This study investigates the decision-making process for railroad track maintenance (T/M) expenditures. The objectives are to (1) describe how Federal track safety standards have influenced this process and (2) try to predict the impact of changes in safety regulations on T/M spending for all U.S. Class I railroads oh selected groups of railroads. A related objective of this study was to use publicly available data to build models of track-related accidents and train speeds. The approach used in this research included a literature search, field interviews, hypotheses testing through models and case analysis, and multivariate analysis of time series data in cross sections. The scope of the study was limited to the Class I railroads operating in 1978 and from 1962 to 1977. The results suggest that imposition of FRA standards has had the predicted impacts on both T/M spending and on train speeds. Since the standards were imposed, railway revenues for T/M have increased. In addition, the standards appear to have has a negative influence on average train speeds, though they have not effected a reduction in track-related accidents.