Technical Reports

Improved Quality Truck Castings

  • 17
  • Jun
  • 2016
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
SUBJECT: Operating Practices
KEYWORDS: Bolster, side frame, truck, casting, foundry
ABSTRACT: A review of the car repair billing database shows that many bolsters and side frames are removed from service each year due to cracking or breaking. Derailment-related costs due to bolster and side frame failures total approximately $9 million per year. Although the number of removals may not be large in comparison to other components, the cost associated with these removals and failures is significant. To reduce the number of truck casting failures. Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) investigated the material properties, material standards, foundry processes, nondestructive test procedures (NDT) and component design for truck castings, as well as reasons for removing castings from service, to determine possible areas for improvement. Mechanical testing was conducted on castings from seven foundries. After this testing, bolsters from three of these foundries were made with alternate chemistries and heat treatments for mechanical testing, and then TTCI determined whether these changes improved the toughness of the steel.