Technical Reports

Heavy Point Frog Performance under Passenger Vehicles

  • 17
  • Jun
  • 2016
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Heavy Point Frog, Vehicle Track Interaction, safety criteria, high-speed rail operations
ABSTRACT: Federal Railroad Administration contracted with the Transportation Technology Center, Inc., Pueblo, Colorado, to conduct an investigation of passenger vehicle performance running through heavy point frog (HPF) up to speeds of 110 mph. A NUCARS® simulation study was performed with various conditions of the track and vehicle systems, and for each case the results demonstrated that the HPF can be used successfully for Class 6 track speed with passenger equipment. The work has produced the following railroad impacts: 1) Analytical results of HPF performance with passenger equipment traveling over these sections at speeds up to 120 mph, 2) Results contribute to assessment of the potential risks and dynamic effects of HPFs, and 3) evaluation of HPF application to high-speed rail (HSR) operations. The work has produced the following recommendation: The limited test data performed on the Chicago – St. Louis HSR line provided good validation of NUCARS simulation models. However, the test was run at 79 mph. It is recommended to perform dynamic testing with passenger equipment and test the vehicle response and wheel/rail forces going through the HPFs at speeds up to 110 mph.