Technical Reports

Evaluation of Selected TDOP Phase II Test Data

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1982
AUTHOR: Steven E. Shladover
SUBJECT: Freight Operations, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Rail Vehicle Dynamics, Freight Car Truck Performance, Rail Vehicle Testing
ABSTRACT: Samples from the test data collected in Phase II of the railroad freight car Truck Design Optimization Project (TDOP) are reviewed to determine their suitability for use in assessing the safety performance of radial trucks. Omissions in the TDOP documentation are identified and corrected where possible to provide guidance for possible future users of the TDOP data tapes. The data reduction procedures which must be followed to extract information of engineering interest from the data tapes are described, and sample results from tests of one radial truck are shown. Analysis of these results identifies potential difficulties associated with the use of the TDOP data. On the basis of this analysis, recommendations are developed regarding future use of the TDOP data and the design of future rail vehicle test programs to build upon the experience gained from TDOP.