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FAST Engineering Conference - 1981 Proceedings

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  • Jan
  • 1982
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Facility for Accelerated Service Testing, Rail Wear, Metallurgy, Ballast, Fastener Evaluation, Performance
ABSTRACT: This report constitutes the proceedings of the two-day Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST) Engineering Conference held at the Stouffers Inn Convention Center, Denver, Colorado on November 4-5, 1981. Conference papers were presented by representatives of the Federal Railroad Administration, the Association of American Railroads, and Boeing Services International, Inc., current O&M Contractor at the Transportation Test Center, Pueblo, Colorado. The papers cover the development of the FAST Program and results of various experiments conducted at the facility. The topics covered include rail wear and behavior, metallurgy, wheel and truck wear, ballast experiments, concrete and wood tie fastener evaluation and performance. Specific test programs and results of experiments on radial truck curving, fatigue analysis and track degradation are also included. A tour of the FAST facility and associated Transportation Test Center support capabilities was conducted following the conference.
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