Technical Reports

Interaction and Load Transfer in Track Support Structures, Part 2: "Testing and Constitutive Modelling of Materials and Interfaces"

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1982
AUTHOR: C. S. Desai, H. J. Siriwardane, R. Janardhanam
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: Truly Triaxial Testing, Cyclic Shear Testing, Constitutive Modelling, Verifications, Design, Maintenance
ABSTRACT: This final report is presented in two parts, and is in continuation of two previous reports prepared under this contract. Part 1 contains details of the development of finite element procedures for nonlinear analysis of track support structures. It provides the user options for using one-, two- or three-dimensional idealizations, and options for using various elasticity and plasticity based constitutive models. The numerical predictions are verified with respect to a number of closed-form solutions and field problems. The latter includes verifications for the field behavior of the UMTA Test Section, TTC, Pueblo, Colorado. Part 2 contains comprehensive testing of 'solids' such as wood, ballast, sub-ballast and subgrade soil and interfaces; these materials were collected from the UMTA Test Section. The solid media were tested by using truly triaxial or multiaxial testing devices, whereas the interfaces between wood and ballast, concrete and ball as: and ballast and subballast were tested by using a new cyclic multi-degree-of-freedom shear device. The laboratory test results were used to derive appropriate constitutive models for use in the finite element procedures. The research results involve new and unique aspects such as general three-dimensional nonlinear procedures, three-dimensional testing of materials and cyclic testing of interfaces. They will be useful for design of track support structures, and for maintenance and safety analysis of existing tracks.
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