Technical Reports

Long Term Assessment of Passenger Ground Transportation System Technology

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1982
AUTHOR: David N. Wormley, James H. Goldie
SUBJECT: Maglev, Passenger Rail
KEYWORDS: Noncontacting Suspension Propulsion, Linear Induction Motors, Magnetic Suspensions
ABSTRACT: In this study advanced intercity ground transportation has been reviewed to establish the present status and future directions of worldwide technology development. The study has focused in detail on noncontacting types of suspension and propulsion technology while citing significant developments in the last decade of advanced, conventional rail systems placed into intercity revenue service. A limited analytical and experimental evaluation of hybrid types of systems employing noncontacting propulsion with conventional rail systems has been performed. A linear'induction motor propulsion system for rail vehicles which utilizes conventional rail as the reaction rail has been studied using analytical models validated with scale model experimental test data for thrust normal force, efficiency and power factor.
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