Technical Reports

Railroad Electrification Activity: A Summary Report, 1980-1981

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1982
AUTHOR: Alice E. Kidder
SUBJECT: Program Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Electrified Railroads, Cost-Effectiveness, Railway Engineering, Economic Studies of Alternative Traction Power, International Trends in Railway Construction, Railroad Management
ABSTRACT: This report reviews the status of railway electrification in North America and selected countries worldwide, for the period June, 1980 through June, 1981. Included in the report are updates on the extent of construction of electrification; research completed on feasibility studies and technical developments in engineering and design a summary of cost-effectiveness studies which have explored the economics of railroad electrification during the period in question; a review of activities of U.S. engineering and architectural firms with experience in railway electrification; and, a synopsis of research on railway electrification which has been published during the period under review.