Technical Reports

User's Guide for a Computerized Track Maintenance Simulation Cost Methodology

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1982
AUTHOR: Richard L. Smith, Allan T. Krauter, Joseph Betor
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: Life Cycle Costs, Track Standards, Track Maintenance Planning, Computer Simulation
ABSTRACT: This User s Guide describes the simulation cost modeling technique developed for costing of maintenance operations or track and its component structures. The procedure discussed provides for separate maintenance cost entries to be associated with definable track substructures such as rail, cross ties, or ballast. In this manner separate tabulations of maintenance expenditures can be obtained from the computerized technique. This guide describes the background of the technique as well as provides two examples of the application of the costing procedure. The maintenance posting examples provided illustrate the use of maintenance action diagrams representing the system being modeled. The two-example systems involve time-dependent cost estimating and produce cost-by-year for the class of track; component of substructure repaired; type of maintenance operation; as well as by several costing subcategories including labor, material, equipment, delays, scrap, fines, etc. Although the computer program is tailored specifically for track maintenance cost analysis, user definable flexibility is built into the analysis. Time-dependent aspects of costs;, which Can vary with track loading MGT, railroad policy, track component quality, and/or Federal Safety Standards, can be entered in the simulation with the aid of user definable functions.
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