Technical Reports

A Model for Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Railroad Electrification, Volume I - Model Description and Application

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1983
AUTHOR: C. H. Spenny, G. B. Mott
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Electric Traction, Economic Analysis, Railroad Technology
ABSTRACT: A model has been developed to evaluate the economic benefits of large scale railroad electrification. Site specific factors which have a major impact on the rate-of-returns are included as input data, thus providing a procedure for comparing the economics of individual routes in a uniform and expeditious manner. The model is a before tax analysis in which relative inflation of energy alternatives can be specified as well as a general inflation rate. As an option, any portion of the initial investment can be paid from borrowed funds that are subsequently repaid. The results of application to a hypothetical U.S. network of 29,000 miles are included. The predominant electric locomotive type for the network is a 6 axle, 6000 rail horsepower unit.