Technical Reports

Data Analysis Results of 70 Ton Boxcar Vibration Tests

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1983
AUTHOR: George Kachadourian
SUBJECT: Freight Operations
KEYWORDS: Boxcar Dynamics, Lading Dynamics, Freight Car Truck Data
ABSTRACT: This is the second of three volumes covering tests performed in April and May of 1981 at the Transportation Test Center (TTC) in Pueblo, Colorado on a 70 ton boxcar with Barber S-2-C trucks. The objective of the testing was to define the dynamic properties of the freight car for use in validating a mathematical model. The testing was conducted in two phases: (1) static tests were performed on each truck to characterize its stiffness and damping properties; (2) vibration tests were performed on the complete boxcar, loaded and empty, to determine resonant frequencies. Final results of Phase 1 have been documented in FRA/ORD-82/23 "Summary Results of 70 Ton Boxcar Testing," prepared by MITRE in April 1982. Results of the Phase 2 testing are covered in this report. This report defines the roll, bounce, pitch and yaw vibration characteristics of the boxcar; it also defines the carbody torsion and bending frequencies and resonant frequencies of the lading and presents comparisons between test results and the boxcar model to be validated. Results of the validation of the boxcar version of the computer program FRATE will be contained in FRA/0RD-(to be issued), "Validation of FRATE for Boxcars," the third and final report of the series.