Reports to Congress

Emergency Procedures Training of On-Board Passenger Train Personnel

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1983
SUBJECT: Railroad Employees
KEYWORDS: Safety Regulations, Emergency Preparation, Passenger Rail
ABSTRACT: This report presents the results of a study of training received by intercity passenger train personnel in evacuation procedures and the use of emergency equipment. The report also provides a review of the Federal regulations and procedures applicable to other modes of transportation. The Secretary is required to submit this report, before March 1, 1983. The scope of this publication to the Congress was limited to Amtrak because: the report requirement was initiated as the consequence of a fire on an Amtrak train; Amtrak provides most of the intercity rail passenger service in the United States; on-board operating personnel furnished by the various railroads are guided by Amtrak emergency procedures arid receive Amtrak sponsored training on emergency equipment and evacuation; and rail commuter service is provided by many railroads or local agencies at various locations throughout the country. Amtrak has two programs involving evacuation procedure and emergency equipment training. The "New Hire" program contains a section on first aid, use of emergency equipment, and evacuation procedures. A second program, for all on-board personnel, focuses exclusively on emergency procedures and use of equipment. This program includes a lecture; a film on procedures, evacuation and use of emergency equipment; an examination; use of the fire extinguisher; use of the emergency exits and use of the emergency equipment. Review of regulations of the other modes revealed that the Federal Aviation Administration had extensive procedures involving use of equipment, training for evacuations, and examinations. Likewise, the Coast Guard was found to have extensive evacuation procedures. Federal Highway Administration regulations require the presence of emergency equipment but do not call for emergency training. The Urban Mass Transportation Administration does not have regulations governing emergency procedures.