Technical Reports

Optimum Power Conditioning and Motor Combination for Locomotive Traction

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1983
AUTHOR: Richard G. Hoft
SUBJECT: Motive Power and Equipment
KEYWORDS: Alternative Power, Voltage, Induction Motor
ABSTRACT: This is the interim report describing the results of the research on Phase I, the first year, of this contract. The object of the research is to study alternate power conditioning-motor combinations for single axle locomotive traction drives applicable to both freight and passenger use. Candidate systems are defined and analyzed on the basis of costs, reliability, size, efficiency and performance. The three preferred candidate systems are a McMurray commutated voltage source inverter, an auto-sequentially commutated current source inverter and a GTO voltage source inverter, each supplying a variable frequency squirrel cage induction motor. The GTO inverter-induction motor system is recommended as the most compact system with at least equal or better reliability, performance, efficiency and cost than the other two candidate systems. During Phase II of the research (the second year, June 1, 1982 - May 31,1983) the GTO inverter system will be designed and a digital simulation devised to demonstrate the performance of ,the system. It is also recommended that a low power model GTO inverter be designed, constructed and evaluated during Phase II.