Technical Reports

Perturbed Track Test: Results of Data Analysis

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1983
AUTHOR: Ashok B. Boghani, Douglas W. Palmer, P. Ranganath Nayak
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: Rail Vehicle Dynamics, SAFE, Vehicle Dynamic Performance
ABSTRACT: The Perturbed Track Test (PTT) involving the E-8 and SDP-40F locomotives was conducted at the Transportation Test Center (TTC) during November and December, 1978. Two of the primary objectives of the PTT were: to gain further understanding of track/vehicle interaction; and to demonstrate and evaluate the use of controlled perturbed track to assess vehicle dynamic performance, thus assisting in the design of SAFE (Stability Assessment Facility for Equipment). The data analysis presented in this report-is directed towards fulfilling the above two objectives. Particularly addressed are the issues of the comparative behavior of the SDP-40F and E-8 locomotives, the behavior of the baggage car trailing either of the two locomotives, the differences in testing on tangent and curve, the consequences of superposing perturbations, the effects of variations in the local track geometry Oh vehicle performance, the influence of rail surface condition on the wheel/rail forces, the use of regression equations, the repeatability of tests, the behavior of statistical descriptors, the effects of spike removal on wheel/rail forces, the occurrence of panel shift (nonelastic lateral movement of track structure), and the time taken to achieve a steady-state dynamic response.
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