Technical Reports

Physical Response of Flat Steel Plates to Drop Hammer Impacts

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1985
AUTHOR: William P. Wright, Wayne A. Slack, Willis F. Jackson
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Railroad Tank Cars, Safety, Structural Response
ABSTRACT: A series of impact tests using the FRA/BRL Drop Hammer Facility was performed. The tests consisted of the creation of controlled damage to flat steel plates which had properties exceeding the minimum ASTM standards required for steel used in the construction of tank cars {ASTM A-SISt Grade 7D steel}. The plates responded in the form of dents which reflected the shapes and sizes of tups which were driven on to the plates and the sizes of dies on which the plates were placed- As expectedi the shapes of the dents were similar to the shapes of the tups and as the die diameters were increased from test to test the amount of bending relative to the kinetic energy on impact increased. The depths of the dents increased as the kinetic energy of the tups increased and the diameters of the dies increased. A total of 73 tests were conducted with various hammer heights, tup shapes and sizes and die diameters. The maximum dent depth as a function of impacting kinetic energy was shown to be a function which scales.
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