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Report Number 12: Metallurgical Observations of 21 Plate Steel Samples Taken From Seven Tank Cars Involved in the April 8, 1979 Railroad Accident at Crestview, Florida

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1984
AUTHOR: C. G. Interrante, S. R. Low, C. H. Brady, G. E. Hicho
SUBJECT: Accident Investigations, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Deformation, Chemical Analysis, Impact Tests
ABSTRACT: This is the second of two reports intended to give information on and metallurgical characterization for each of 21 plate samples taken from tank cars involved in an accident at Crestview Florida in April 8, 1979. The earlier report contains the results of a field investigation, which gives pertinent data on the thermal and deformation history of each of the 21 plate, samples taken by the NBS for future studies. That report includes pictorial and other representations of the responses of the derailed tank cars, observed at the accident site. This report includes results of chemical analyses, metallographic examinations (of microstructure and inclusion content) and hardness measurements conducted on each of these plate samples. This, report also includes the results of standard Charpy V-notch impact tests conducted on seven of these plate samples. Thus, together these reports are intended as references for information needed to confirm or deny models proposed to explain the behavior of railroad tank cars in abusive service. In addition, the metallurgical characterization of each of the 21 plate samples will be useful in determinations of the suitability of each of these 21 samples for future laboratory studies.
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