Technical Reports

Vehicle/Track Interaction Assessment Techniques Volume III, Part II

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1984
AUTHOR: Raymond Ehrenbeck, Sam Polcari
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Rail Vehicle Dynamics, Transportation Safety, Test Analysis Procedures, Test Planning, Data Analysis Procedures
ABSTRACT: This report describes Vehicle/Track Interaction Assessment Techniques (IAT) which are developed to provide standardized procedures and tools in order to investigate the dynamic performance of railroad vehicles, and systematically identify and cure dynamic track interaction problems associated with a vehicle. The IAT addresses ten performance issues: hunting, twist and roll, pitch and bounce, yaw and sway, steady-state curving, spiral negotiation, dynamic curving, steady buff and draft, longitudinal train action, and longitudinal impact. The report discusses the test and data analysis procedures required for each performance issue in terms of the control variables from track inputs that are required to create the test environment, the response variables to be measured, the extent of data analysis required, the data handling requirements, the performance indices to be used in interpreting the test results, and the potential test sites. This report is in two parts. Part I is contained in Volume I and covers the overall process of determining vehicle performance issues. Part II, comprised of Volumes II and III, discusses the detailed procedures to be used in the Vehicle/Track Interaction Assessment Techniques.
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